MONFERRATO AND THE INFERNOTS NORTHERN ITALY - Vineyards and culinary experiences



Hills, sleepy old villages, Castles, some of the best rural landscapes and historic vineyards in Piedmont

lay just 50 miles (80 km) from Milan or even less when you land at Milan Malpensa airport.

Monferrato is also the land of the Infernots, that have been recently listed in the Unesco World Heritage.

Infernots are underground rooms, hand carved into the Pietra da Cantoni, the local sandstone.



TOUR: multi-day trip private escorted tour
BEST TIME TO GO: year-round. Our suggestion is from the end of march to early november. Winter can be foggy and snowy and some attractions are closed
BEST TIME TO BOOK: depending on the time of the year, from few days to some weeks in advance for high season weekends (june to september-october, the grape harvest)
RECOMMENDED FOR: everyone – there’s plenty of activities. Rich historical and cultural heritage, rural landscapes, roads for bike and motorbike fans, food and wine lovers



Our journey starts in Milan. We need about one to two hours drive to reach our charming accomodation in Monferrato, depending on road traffic outside of Milan and the chosen location.
We have the best selection of small hotels, farmhouses and bed and breakfasts, and we suggest to spend at least two nights.


Monferrato offers unique opportunities: slow scenic drives, nature walks, MTB and e-bike itineraries.
You can just swim in a pool overlooking vineyards and castles, relax in a SPA, visit ancients cellars and taste Piemonte wines such as Barbera, Freisa or Grignolino and, of course, enjoy the local, excellent food.


Casale Monferrato, the biggest town in the area, was founded on the banks of the Po, Italy’s longest river.

This town as well as the whole area have some hidden gems that even some locals don’t know.
Visit the ancient Saint Evasio’s Cathedral, the baroque Synagogue and the Jewish Museum.

Don’t miss the Castle, an old military citadel, nowadays a primary events location and main wine shop in Monferrato.
Casale is for art and culture lovers, with several monuments and musems as the Civic Museum with its Gipsoteca Bistolfi.


Let’s start climbing on the gentle hills. We can visit Terruggia and Rosignano Monferrato, small sleepy villages with narrow streets. Both have an infernot dug under the city hall.

Most infernots are private owned and we need to book a visit in advance or obtain a permit.

Private wine and food tasting into an infernot is a unique experience in Monferrato.

Rosignano has beautiful views on the surrounding hills. A short walk takes us to one of the Big Benches, part of the Big Benches Community Project, a no profit initiative promoted by the american designer Chris Bangle and his wife, to support local enterprises, tourism and craftsmanship.


Close to Rosignano the eight-century old Uviglie Castle and its wine cellars are worth a visit.

We can take a scenic drive in the hilly countryside and reach ​​Vignale to see the Church of San Bartolomeo and the noble Palazzo Callori, with its regional wine shop.

Let’s drive for a while to see, at least from the outside, the private historic building Castle of Montemagno. The castle can be visited during special events.

And from Montemagno to Moncalvo, one of the biggest town in the area, rich in art and gastronomy.

Moncalvo hosts famous annual truffle and meat festivals in the fall period, october and december.

The famous painter Guglielmo Caccia, known as Monferrato’s Raffaello, lived and worked here for the most of his life.

Close to Moncalvo we suggest the Roseto della Sorpresa in Castell'Alfero, where you can admire ancient roses varieties.

Driving north for a few miles, we climb the hills to enjoy the views and walk some nature trails at the Sacro Monte di Crea, with its church and chapels, also listed in the Unesco World Heritage.

Wine producers are everywhere here: just be ready to taste! 

Our private escorted tours in Monferrato are one of the best choices if you wish to relax and enjoy the best of your time here.


Let’s take one of the many scenic drives of Monferrato and continue to the quiet villages of Solonghello and Mombello then eastwards to Cereseto, with its iconic yet abandoned castle.

We can have a stop at Sala Monferrato to taste some local salami and drive to Ozzano, one the italian Orange Flag towns with its well preserved historic district, dominated by a castle.


Enjoy the Monferrato, so close to Milan, so far from the crowds.

Great historical heritage, ancient vineyards, land of beauty and discoveries.


Last but not least, Golosaria Monferrato, one of the most popular italian event for wine and food lovers, spread over a weekend into several villages and towns.
Due to the world Pandemic crisis, the March event was cancelled and postponed to September 12-13 and 19-20, 2020.



This itinerary can be fully customized to fit your needs

Overnights and extra visits can be added to this tour.

If you have a bigger group we can set up your exclusive tour in Monferrato with our own coaches and guides.

Just write us to plan and quote your tour!

Due to Covid-19 world pandemic all our private escorted tours in Italy have been suspended.

We hope to be back and host you soon in our beautiful country.


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